Storage and reclaim

Storage and reclaim

Storage and reclaim

Bulk material storage silos made of steel are the perfect solution to store the bulk materials powdered like cement, fly ash, alumina, and many other dry material powders. Our steel bolted silos are constructed with protective linings, coatings, and the required certification. Our silos have a custom design regarding the local constraints related to the site (snow, wind, seismic data, etc.) and the daily consumption.

Lion Bulk Handling helps to choose the correct diameter and height of silos to comply with the technical definition of the customer. Our silos are compatible with our bulk material conveying systems and optional custom accessories.

System Configurations

Storage and reclaim

Storage solutions to keep your process moving are essential for dry bulk operations. Lion offers turn-key silo systems, complete with level monitoring, vent filters, pressure instrumentation, reclaim system and truck or ship loading solution. All with a focus on productivity, profitability, and safety for our customer’s operations. Therefore, we prioritize the principle of the First In – First Out in our silo designs. To reclaim the dry bulk material from the silo, our fluidization floor system is installed into the silo floor area. Due to the aeration process, a complete reclaim can be generated with minimal floor scope, low average power and low maintenance.

  • Flexible storage options

  • Bolted steel silo’s

  • Fast and easy erection

  • Low maintenance

  • Low energy costs

  • Complete (99%) reclaim


Max. Silo Size:                 Up to 5.000 DWT
Max. Convey Capacity:   Up to 200 TPH
Project:                             New Build

Max. Vessel Size:
Up to 5.000 DWT

Max. Convey Capacity:
Up to 200 TPH

New Build

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