KOVAKO Ship-to-Silo Unloader back in action!

KOVAKO Ship-to-Silo Unloader back in action! – Evolving ship unloading needs by innovation and adaptability! Lion Bulk Handling delivers a Kovako Pneumatic Ship Unloader for the US market.


We are thrilled to share some exciting news: a second-hand KOVAKO ship-to-silo unloader is now back in action at a cement terminal in the USA! In cement conveying, efficiency is critical. Every step in the supply chain, from loading to unloading, is crucial in ensuring dry bulk material reach their destination swiftly and seamlessly. Lion Bulk Handling, a leading provider of innovative material handling solutions, recently delivered a Kovako pneumatic ship unloader to one of our valued customers.

After a remarkable transformation, this unloader has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art automation system and converted from a road-mobile to a barge-mounted configuration. Therefore, this pneumatic ship unloader is used to unload cement from river barges. Pneumatic unloading ensures that the area where the machine is operational stays dust-free, protecting the environment.

But that’s not all – meticulous tuning and tweaking have ensured peak performance. Plus, the crew has undergone comprehensive training to operate the equipment precisely and safely.

It’s truly a proud moment to witness this revitalized unloader re-commissioned with its new owner, marking a significant milestone for the local area. This project exemplifies innovation and adaptability, demonstrating how existing assets can be upgraded and repurposed to meet evolving needs.

Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this transformation to life! 🎉 Let’s continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cement operations, Lion provides both new and used unloaders globally with associated after-sales support. 🤩

Lion is the official distributor and representative of FLSmidth Kovako and is your partner in pneumatic, dust-free material conveying for land-based and maritime applications.

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