Can cement fly? – Part 2: Fluidization in action

Lion Bulk Handling’s Fluidization principle explained. This Principle is used in our Bulk Handling systems (Hi-flow fluidization floor and airslides). This gravity conveying system uses the forces of gravity to do most of the work with no moving parts. Material is fluidized through a porous media with low pressure air.

Fluidisation in action:

About our earlier blog “Fluidization”. The theory behind this phenomenon is clearly explained ( see: ), and we visualize this wonder in a short movie to give an even better understanding.

In summary, the video will demonstrate:

  • A section of an air slide covering a small layer of Cement (Ordinary Portland Cement) is level
  • The inclination of the air slide will be multiple times increased without the OPC to start moving (angle up to even 35 degrees)
  • Once the slide in the bottom half of the box underneath the aeration fabric is opening, an airflow will pressurize this area up to only 300mbar, and the “magic” will start to appear
  • The pressure forces the air to pass through the fabric released underneath the OPC, and air bubbles will rise to the surface, allowing the material to “aerate.”
  • This aeration causes the material to fluidize and start acting “like” water
  • The advantage of water is that it will flow to the lowest point, and that’s precisely the condition in what the material needs to be for transporting it over distance, which is required in various bulk handling systems (for example, air slides)

Lion Bulk Handling Solutions

In conclusion, investing in efficient bulk handling systems is paramount for businesses looking to streamline their operations and maximize productivity. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, cement, offshore or maritime industry, optimizing your material handling processes can lead to significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

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