Offshore Rigs

Ruyter Offshore, a lion bulk handling brand, specialises in the incorporation of dry bulk material handling and drilling fluid mixing systems with remote operations for offshore drilling rigs and platforms such as semi-subs, jack-ups, drilling ships and the like. The dry bulk – cement, barite and bentonite – is stored in pressure tanks or atmospheric silos and subsequently transported and unloaded from supply ships to offshore drilling rigs or platforms. This process has to be efficient, economical and dust-free.

The dry bulk bentonite and barite are used to mix drilling fluid for the drilling process on the rig. Combining Ruyter Offshore its special custom designed dry bulk systems with our advanced mixing technology ensures an efficient, fully automated, dust-free mixing system that is perfectly calculated to provide the ultimate inventory control and complete product hydration during the mixing phase. This combination of bulk handling technology with patented mixing processes is state of the art from an automated bulk handling and mixing standpoint, and eliminates the labour-intensive mechanical systems that are currently used.

Ruyter Offshore designs and engineers material handling systems for several kinds of offshore rigs, including semi-subs, jack-ups and drilling ships. These types of rigs are equipped with a pneumatic dry material handling system complete with dust recovery, drilling fluid systems and control units that meet the highest international standards.

A remote controlled operating system can also be provided, either integrated in the vessel management system (VMS, VAS, ECR or IAS) or as a standalone unit.

Pressure Tank System

The pressure tank or P-tank system is a conventional system used on offshore rigs. The system deploys several pressure tanks to receive, store and discharge cement and drilling powders on the rig. 

Sender Tank System

The sender tank system is a bulk handling system on offshore rigs. It uses several atmospheric, hull-integrated hoppers to transport cement and drilling powders from shore to offshore destinations.

Re-Loader Tank System

The re-loader or double re-loader tank systems are used to store dry bulk material onboard offshore rigs. The system uses several atmospheric hoppers to store cement and uses a vacuum to remove material from the hoppers.

Mud Mixing

The sophistication and cost required to produce a drilling mud that stabilises the hole, seals the pore spaces, controls bottom hole pressure and limits formation damage require new, efficient and effective solutions.

Mud Circulation & Transfer

Drilling fluid, also known as liquid mud, is a weighted liquid. A gelled liquid is created first, generally using bentonite. Next, barite is added to increase density, allowing a certain degree of pressure to be maintained on the well.

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