CCS (Cargo Control System)


CCS (Cargo Control System)



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The Lion Bulk Handling Cargo control system (CCS) is a standalone digital system specially designed to control all the functions and sequences of the material handling system, such as instrumentation signals, alarms, etc., which are required for loading, unloading and venting. See below for a schematic image.

The CCS software incorporates a human-machine interface (HMI) which allows control of the CCS via touchscreens or a keyboard & track ball if preferred. The CCS has predefined process steps that require the operator to manually select which valves to open or close using the HMI.
– The HMI displays process information about the current process, e.g. pressure, level, weight and/or alarms.
– The HMI can provide specific process information to other systems or can be integrated in the vessel management system (VMS, VAS, ECR or IAS).
– Secondary systems cannot be controlled by the dry material handling system; however, preselected functions can be monitored by a vessel management system.
The CCS assists the operator by displaying messages for guidance, process information and alarms.

Safety and emergency
– The CCS is set up to permit both HMIs to control all processes in case of an HMI malfunction or an emergency. The HMI for cement operation can be used to control the bentonite & barite processing and vice versa in an emergency.
– If an emergency stop pushbutton is activated, all current handling of cement, bentonite and barite is terminated and all primary valves are immediately closed. Auxiliary systems such as the compressors are not stopped. The CCS system remains active.
– All emergency and power failure procedures & protocols are programmed for an appropriate response in case of an emergency or power failure.
The CCS can incorporate different grades of automation according to the client’s wishes.


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