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Lion Bulk Handling have four well-known world class brands and services which have served the cement, mining, heavy powder, offshore, marine and processing market for many decades with products sold in more than 50 countries. We listen, learn and adapt to local environments, working in true partnership with our customers.

With applications expertise from leading innovation in the bulk handling, we are focused on producing highly efficient bulk handling technologies that use less energy, reduce life-cycle costs and provide environmental benefits to users and the communities in which they operate. Together, we meet the world’s most critical bulk handling challenges head-on by engineering the broadest portfolio of products, applications and services to create efficient bulk handling systems and sustainable solutions.

Our four world-class brands & services are; Ruyter Offshore, Bulk Academy, Kintec and Carlsen. Next too our own brands Lion also supports the KOVAKO brand for pneumatic ship unloaders. Each Brand represents a specialist in the field of bulk handling and is supported by a highly skilled and experienced team of experts.

Ruyter Offshore provides dry bulk material management and drilling fluid management by remote-operation systems used on offshore drilling platforms and supply vessels. The mud mixing, transfer systems and related drilling fluid management systems can be supplied by Ruyter Offshore, and can be combined with the dry material systems.

Kintec designs and manufactures a wide spectrum of ship unloaders and loaders for closed hatch fluidized ships. Loading and unloading systems for the process and materials handling industries. We offer innovative technology and broad experience in Ship Loaders and unloaders for discharging bulk ships.

Carlsen specialises in pneumatic and mechanical loading and unloading systems for powders such as cement, fly ash, barite, bentonite, lime, gypsum, and the like. Carlsen can provide these loading and unloading systems on-board self-discharging cement carriers (SDCC) and onshore applications. Onshore mini bulk terminals and truck/train loading applications (Continious Suction Pump).

Bulk Academy is an unique training and bulk consultancy specialist in customer-specific training courses and feasibility studies for the field of material handling. We offer specific bulk handling training courses for shipyards, ship owners and other bulk handling users. We also provide our customers on request Feasibility studies on different topics (including material testing) for bulk materials handling.

FLSmidth is a leading brand of pneumatic conveying equipment and systems for the world’s cement and mineral industries. The FLSmidth products and systems, including the well-known Fuller-Kinyon® pump, Ful-Vane™ compressor, and the Airveyor™, MaxiDense™ and Airslide® conveying systems. FLSmidth offer a full range of services, from complete plants and equipment to upgrades and knowledge. Lion Bulk Handling is an service partner of FLSmidth KOVAKO ship and barge unloaders.

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