Experience Training

The ultimate training for bulk handling users

The Bulk Handling experience training is a one day training for operators, purchasers, builders and other bulk handling users who are ready to improve their knowledge and understanding of the different solutions, applications, systems and possibilities.

Five reasons why you should book the bulk handling experience. You will discover:

  • Effective bulk handling solutions
  • Effective operation methods en -techniques
  • You will change your mindset to an efficient operator or user.
  • How do you implement a maintenance strategy and plan to keep an effective bulk handling system.
  • And many more……

If you are ready?

At the bulk handling experience, you explore how you can implement, operate and use your bulk handling system successful with effective systems and solutions.

Please fill in the below mentioned items and book the experience training at your company. We only ask for the cost coverage for boarding, lodging and travelling.

Book now! The normal training price is €5.000 excl. boarding, lodging and travelling, but we only ask for the boarding lodging and travelling, which gives you €5.000,- discount.

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If you would like to receive more information on the Experience Training or if you’d like to book a training, please fill in the form on the left. We will contact you with the possibilities.

We would like to hear from you.

Marcel van Rangelrooij – CEO Lion Bulk Handling

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