Complete Logistic Solution

Our clients know that we that we are focused on the efficiency of bulk material flow. Therefore, Lion Bulk Handling provide complete logistics solutions for loading, storing and unloading bulk materials. 

You can alleviate the burden and risk of designing your bulk material handling system, coordinating multiple stakeholders, integrating components, trouble-shooting, Commissioning (start-up) and assuming responsibility for system performance. Lion Bulk Handling (together with our product brands) has been an reliable supplier of all kind of bulk handling equipment and systems for more than a decade.  

From concept to completion, Lion Bulk Handling can provide a complete logistic solution. A total solution for transporting or transferring bulk materials from one place to another. Your bulk handling challenges are been handled efficiently, economically, rapidly and according your technical specifications. Lion Bulk Handling can offer solutions for Storing, packing, loading and unloading of dry materials such as cement, fly-ash, bentonite, barite, lime, gypsum and so on.  

Lion Bulk Handling can evaluate your bulk material(s), plant layout, water way transfer possibilities and restrictions, through-put rates, residual product limitations, cleanliness, noise limitations, access, cost, cycle times and other parameters, and outline the solution to your bulk material handling challenge.

Because Lion Bulk Handling offers a wide range of bulk handling equipment and systems, including mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, as well as systems that incorporate equipment of other manufacturers, you are assured of receiving a recommendation based on your requirement, not on limited equipment availability.

Lion Bulk Handling can submit recommendations in the form of 3D drawings that integrate equipment manufactured by Lion Bulk Handling and by others, with new or existing equipment in your plant, ship, site, and provide a competitive price quotation.

Choose from a broad range of bulk material handling solutions designed and constructed to industrial, maritime or Offshore standards. Ask for the solutions for your project at contact.

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