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Bulk Academy is an specialist in customer-specific training courses and feasibility studies for the field of material handling. The training courses are usually planned in cooperation with our customers and carried out by Bulk Academy specialists either at the Bulk Academy or at the customer’s location. Our experts will be glad to advise you if you are interested in our training courses. The feasibility studies and material analysis are been handled together with our laboratory partners. Bulk Academy is a Lion Bulk Handling brand.



  • 1 Day Training
  • Basic Bulk Handling System Explanation
  • Overview of available bulk handling possibilities
  • How does Bulk Conveying works (Pneumatic & Mechanical Conveying)

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On Request

  • 2 Day Training
  • Fundementals of bulk material flow
  • Learn Proven Design & Troubleshooting Principles
  • Safe and Trouble Free Plant / Ship / Bulk Handling System Operation

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On Request

  • 2 Day Training
  • Advanced Theory of Bulk Material Flow
  • Learn High-Tech Design & Troubleshooting Principles
  • Avoiding costly problems, incl. Wear, Attrition, Rate Limitation and Line Plugging

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On Request

  • 3 Days Training
  • Only Available after the Master Training
  • Customized Course Delivered On-Site or On-Board
  • Real-Life Field Training by our instructors, who are sharing their hands-on experience

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Feasibility Studies

As its name implies, a feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of an idea. The feasibility study focuses on helping answer the essential question of “should we proceed with this project idea?” All activities of the study are directed toward helping answer this question.

Feasibility studies can be used in many ways but focus primarily on proposed businesses and innovative technology. Charters, ship owners, shipyards and other companies with ideas conduct feasibility studies to determine viability before proceeding with project development. Realising early on that an idea will not work saves time and money later.

Lion Bulk Handling has been providing all kind of feasibility studies and other consultancy services with regards to material handling systems.

A Lion Bulk Handling feasibility study can help answer many different questions related to dry powder conveying. Once the study has been completed, Lion will present its conclusions and outcome through a presentation and evaluation report. If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are some examples of feasibility studies:

  • Analysing alternative scenarios with regards to material conveying processes,
  • Analysing the ease with which different types of dry material can be flown and conveyed,
  • Analysing the proposed material handling system and associated flow calculations,
  • Analysing the complete supply chain management (also for a second opinion),
  • Estimating the size and type of conveyance or production facilities,
  • Estimating the size and type of material handling products,
  • Estimating the product or equipment lifecycle,
  • Investigating the need for related equipment, stock, etc.,
  • Investigating the suitability of the conveyance and/or production technology,
  • Investigating and comparing conveyance technology,
  • Determining the reliability of technology (proven or unproven, state of the art, etc.),
  • Identifying limitations or constraints of the material handling system or conveyance technology,
  • Analysing the complete conveyance process,
  • Investigating potential emissions problems,
  • Analysing other environmental impacts,
  • Identifying regulatory requirements,
  • etc.

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